Golfers come in all shapes, sizes, genders and ages, so it is unlikely your needs will be the same as the next player.


As most of us also lead busy lives, finding time to attend classes that suit your schedule can also be difficult.


Whether learning from scratch at your own pace and convenience, or ironing out creases in your game, 1:1 qualified PGA coaching builds rapid trust and belief in your own ability.


The result? Rapidly reducing scores and improved confidence.


Lee loves developing a focussed relationship with each of his clients 1:1 and has had especial success coaching the following types of players:


  • Rapidly developing teenagers
  • Ladies looking for more consistency
  • Club golfers who know their weakness
  • Elite ameteurs, aspiring to turn pro
  • Tour pros looking for fresh perspective

He works hard to advance every players technical needs whilst reinforcing their emotional and motivational perspectives so they emerge a better golfer.


Sound like you? To discover how Lee might help you reach your next level, please complete a player profile, or call in for an informal chat regarding your needs.