Lee’s golf coaching methodology identifies specific techniques and skills to apply to each clients' particular circumstances using a consistent cycle of steps.


  • MOTIVATION: First Lee will help you identify your motivation to achieve a set of realistic, prioritised goals, based upon your current golf experience. 
  • COACHING: Working with you in priority order, Lee begins to enhance the necessary skills and thought process to achieve such goals through each coaching session. Then he designs drills and guidance to enable the player to learn, retain and execute the skills in their practice and play.
  • ABILITY: By repeating such drills through practice, Lee's clients learn to become more proficient in applying the skills over time to improve their playing experience.

Lee's approach can benefit every player:


  • During 1:1 coaching sessions
  • During their own practice
  • During their next golf round


Once a specific cycle is completed, another element of the coaching plan can begin. 


By repeating basic techniques, whilst learning new ones reinforces the fundamentals of each players individual swing and approach to build improved consistency quickly. More experienced players can combine several parallel elements together with Lee's specific practice drills to accelerate their game improvement even more.